November 27, 2022


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You Against You –

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I’m an American Football Player (Defensive End) for the South Dublin Panthers.

We are in the Top Divisionin Ireland in the Premier Division.

I’ve also been called up to start training with the Irish Wolfhounds (Ireland’s International Team) and also have been successful in getting selected for the Sealand Seahawks there and Exhibition Team that travels to different Countries to plays the best clubs they have.

I’ve also become a sponsored athlete for a few brands (Westpark Fitness, JOOV Ireland, JOOV Sports Products, Celtic.Kicks) because if I can do it at 35, there’s nothing stopping anyone else from achieving their ambitions.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. All you have to do is put your mind to it and just keep trying to be a better you.

Don’t mind what other people have to say. Always Remember It “You Against You”. 

A little about how it all started.

So, my first game I ever played was on the 2th of May 2017 in the SBC (Shamrock Bowl Conference).

I was playing for the North Kildare Reapers that year as a Defensive End.

It was a very tough year.

In the end, I got Awarded Defensive Rookie of the year for that season of 2017 with the Reaper’s.

The Club (North Kildare Reapers) had a merge with the South Kildare Soldiers in 2018.

They became the Cill Dara Crusaders and where put in a division lower in the IAFL 1.

I went on to play with them that year as a Defensive End/Middle Linebacker. I was also honored to be a Defensive Captain that year against the Meath BullDogs and helped get our first Win of the season.

At the end of that session I was Awarded Defensive Player of the year 2018 with the Crusaders.

In 2019, I moved back up to the SBC and joined the South Dublin Panthers.

Due to thorough Strength and Conditioning Training and Game Tape Review, the level was considerably higher both on and off the field..

I went on to the Shamrock Bowl Final in 2019 with the Panthers to be runners-up that season.

I had a fantastic year, thanks in large part to the Westpark gym’s equipment.

From even getting a bad injury at the start of the year in 2019 and been able to rehab it in the pool and with the right equipment to get back on the field and becoming a better player. It is a wonderful facility.

As of 7th of August 2021, I started training with the Irish Wolfhounds (Ireland’s American Football International Team).

I was selected at the Wolfhounds Combine.

As of Nov 2021, I’ve been invited to play with the Sealand Seahawks.

They are a International travelling team that play with some of the best team other Countries have to offer.

Infact, they are a selection of plays from all of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales some from America and also some players from across Europe too.

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