June 9, 2023


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Watch Bugatti Dyno-Test the 1,598-HP Chiron Super Sport

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What is taking place

Bugatti created a exclusive dynamometer just for its hypercars.

Why it matters

The Bugatti Chiron is as well rapid and potent for a standard dyno.

Dynamometers are a large component of the tests system for new automobiles as very well as modified ones, with the “rolling highway” units offering correct electricity, torque and rpm readouts and supporting immensely with powertrain calibration. Autos get strapped down to the dyno and speed up although likely by way of the gears, with the wheels spinning on mounted rollers that record the essential quantities. But due to the fact Bugatti’s hypercars are so absurdly highly effective the French model had to build a specific dyno of its own, and it produced an great video clip of the system.

The Chiron Tremendous Sport‘s quad-turbo W16 engine officially puts out 1,578 horsepower and 1,180 pound-feet of torque, which is despatched to all four wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. That implies Bugatti wants an all-wheel dyno as opposed to a person that just measures the automobile at one particular axle, and the dyno has just one big roller for each and every wheel in its place of two smaller ones. Having just one particular place of get in touch with extra intently resembles a serious road area, as well as there’s much less of a reduction of functionality and the tires warmth up fewer than on a two-roller dyno.

Real speeds of up to 248 mph are achievable on Bugatti’s dyno, which is pretty nuts. At 261 mph, nevertheless 12 mph off from the Tremendous Sport’s major speed, the tires are revolving at far more than 50 times a second, exerting forces about 4,000 periods higher than that of gravitational acceleration. But the dyno can simulate speeds of up 298 mph, with the motor vehicle still equipped to properly sluggish down. Bugatti says the Chiron Tremendous Sport is the only production automobile that can actually press the boundaries of this new dyno.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport dyno testing rear view

The automobile is held down by a sequence of plates, straps and chains.


A 13-meter-tall admirer can develop airstreams of up 143 mph and moves almost 11 million cubic ft of air for every hour, encouraging simulate reasonable weather conditions cases, and the supporter also helps supply the Chiron’s engine and other effectiveness components with the cooling air it necessitates to reach these types of superior speeds. The car’s exhaust is extracted as a result of gates under the motor vehicle, and air from the dyno is blown outdoors by 41-foot-tall supporter towers.

The dyno itself is huge and hefty, with each and every roller weighing 3.5 tons. The rear axle roller can be hydraulically prolonged or shortened to in shape the wheelbase of the car or truck, as well. Retaining the vehicle in spot is a program formulated with Bugatti that capabilities a body and 4 adapter plates that are fastened to the underbody of the car’s carbon-fiber monocoque by 20 substantial-strength screws. The plates are connected to every single other with crisscrossed chains that can managed tractive drive of up to 24 tons, and there are extra ratchet straps at the sides that keep the car’s wheels correctly fixed on the heart of the rollers. All of this usually means the Chiron is safe and sound to run on the dyno, even at complete load and at prime speed.

When the auto is getting run on the dyno there are two engineers within measuring knowledge and producing absolutely sure the acceleration is as desired. By the use of this new dyno, Bugatti uncovered that the Chiron Tremendous Activity truly can make 1,596 hp, 18 hp much more than originally said. Glimpse, I am no engineer — where my fellow art school dropouts at? — so all this quantity converse hurts my mind a tiny. But it truly is still outstanding as hell, and even if you might be in the same boat as me I implore you to at minimum look at the video at the best of this tale. It can be freakin’ magnificent.

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