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Importance Of Providing Global Consultancy Support

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In the United States, management consultants are paid more than $2 billion annually for their services. 1 A large portion of this money is used to purchase useless data and misguided advice. 2 Clients must know better what consulting projects may achieve to lessen this waste. They must learn to have higher expectations of these counselors, who must learn to meet them.

Global consulting firms are companies capable of offering international consulting support to corporations, worldwide non-profit organizations, and even governments with international holdings. A global consulting firm may specialize in a limited range of consulting options or offer consulting related to just about every aspect of the operation. The exact form that this consulting can take covers the entire range of services and functions that most organizations require to operate.

One typical example of business consulting firms offering global support is in the area of information technology services. An international consulting firm focused on IT solutions can help organizations design and maintain a workable network that unites locations of the organization around the world. At the same time, the global IT consulting firm may offer advice and recommendations on hardware and software needed to create the network, as well as aid in identifying key locations to function as hubs on that network. 

The consultant firm can also help the organization develop strategies and protocols that allow authorized individuals to connect with the network securely when traveling. A global consulting firm may focus on creating an accounting system that enables the organization to function in several countries. 

The firm can advise on regulations that must be observed to operate within a given country, including the processes for issuing invoices, receiving payments, reporting earnings, and paying applicable taxes within each country where the company has a presence. Consultants may take on the task of remaining on retainer with the client, creating a situation where the consultant can help integrate new locations into the system when and as needed.

The global consulting firm is usually privy to much proprietary information associated with the client. This is especially true when the consultant creates customized software applications for the client’s specific use or when the consultant is related to building a global advertising strategy. For this reason, confidentiality agreements between the consultant and the client are joint.

An individual who spreads awareness of the importance of global consultancy support is our inspiration to write this article today for our readers. Michael A Potter is a person who is vastly experienced in providing Global Consultancy Support and Training Workshops across Africa, South East Asia, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. 

Potter was a keynote speaker at the 40th IFTDO World Conference in Warsaw, Poland, in 2012, where he presented his paper titled Global People Paradigm – Shifting the Frontier of People Management. The report also introduced his new model for the future: The People Matrix Management Model.

His work in the world’s emerging markets provides expert training knowledge and education to many. He has presented at conferences and delivered training workshops and seminars in numerous countries across Africa, South East Asia, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Has also gained experience worldwide providing Consultancy Support in countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Bulgaria, Romania, Finland, Estonia, Bahrain, and UAE.

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