May 27, 2023


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Imagine sports –

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Imagine sports -

I begun as young as you can be as an athlete…

At the age of 3, I commenced skiing and just about every other activity you could set a toddler in there I was.

I was the only female growing up in my community of eight boys together with my brother and we played each and every sport possible all day.

I bear in mind my father timing my brother and I racing laps close to the dwelling.

My purpose was to engage in basketball in school but with accidents and my dream to go to a major D1 university I resolved to go to Colorado college and forget about taking part in basketball at a specialist amount and put my skiing in my front seat.

Following college I grew to become a ski coach in Vermont where I was the only woman freestyle skiers.

This led me to currently being recruited to Woodward Tahoe where I fulfilled my partner who was the BMX pro there.

No surprise to any person, I found anyone who loved athletics and competing just as much as me.

Competitions and sports have constantly been my enthusiasm and aspect of my everyday living.

Even now in my mid-30s I’m discovering new strategies of schooling, locating new means to press my body, and in improved form than I ever thought was probable at my age.

I’m generally up for a problem whether it be from my partner who tries to get me on a bike heading off of jumps, someone declaring I will not soar that cliff, or my brother who desires to do a rough mudder.

If there’s competitiveness, I’ll be there.

There’s a special emotion when a man thinks he can do superior at some thing athletic than you since you are a feminine, then remaining equipped to present him up – now that retains a special place inside me that I will under no circumstances not adore.

I love a challenge and I really don’t thoughts failing as long as I know I’m placing my all into it.

Sporting activities and pushing oneself is what I’ve recognised my complete life.

I never know where I would be without having it- if I had to explain myself in 1 term it would be an athlete.

(Jaimee Lounello Rubio)

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