November 27, 2022


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How Can Shiatsu Treatment Make Your Life Better?

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When was the last time you had a massage? You have to admit, it’s among the best feelings in the world. When you feel all the uncomfortable knots around your neck and shoulder become loose, or when that stiffness and ache you’ve felt all month long disappears, it’s quite compelling.

No one can blame you if you ever crave massages. It is a part of integrative medicine, after all. And all that skin manipulation, rubbing, pressing the tendons, muscles, and ligaments treat your body in an ideal way. Massages offer body treatment for medical situations and conditions, and there are different types.

Among the most notable ones is the shiatsu. Did you know that your life becomes better whenever you get a shiatsu treatment? How does it happen? Find out more below!

What is shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a method of massage therapy that relies primarily on using the thumbs, fingers, and palm to put pressure on specific areas on an individual’s body surface. The pressure applied helps heal certain conditions and ailments and correct the body’s imbalances. The applied pressure encourages the body’s energy flow and promotes harmony throughout the patient’s body.

Shiatsu is originally from Japan and connected to Japan’s traditional medical therapeutic approaches, including anma massage and acupuncture. 

How can it make your life better?

There’s no denying the reality that many people are constantly chasing their dreams daily, especially in the bustling city of Sydney. Sometimes, a person becomes overworked without getting enough sleep, rest, and exercise. Health suffers immensely due to poor food choices. So, as time passes, anyone living a fast-paced life feels immensely tired and stressed out.

Shiatsu is a fantastic choice of massage because it regulates your body’s nervous system’s activity. In addition to that, it stimulates the circulatory system, and even hormonal, and lymphatic systems too. 

Are you experiencing poor posture as you slouch over your computer or laptop work? Or what about using too many gadgets and mobile phones in your free time? Getting a shiatsu massage will help with the posture issue.

These will cause poor posture and hurt your body’s physique. Do you endure extensive joint pains and problems, arthritis, acute or chronic back and neck pain, bronchitis, and sinusitis? Did you know that shiatsu massage can alleviate these conditions? That’s how incredible it is!

Do you need shiatsu treatment to have a better life?

It is the kind of therapy everyone needs as massage therapy promotes better health and well-being for the patient. It assists with reducing the risks of blood pressure, encouraging healthier heart rates, and releasing endorphins. 

As shiatsu affects a person’s internal energy system, it aids with better energy flow, motion, and body coordination. It is a reliable complementary or primary therapy. 

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