June 9, 2023


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Can Someone Stop Haaland in His Current Form?

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Haaland to Man City transfer: Everything in place to sign Borussia Dortmund  star but release clause yet to be activated | Goal.com

The arrival of Haaland to Manchester United was like a breath of fresh air. The young Norwegian is like a storm. He has an impressive physique, outstanding power, and speed unrivaled in Premier League. His ability to explosively create acute moments out of nowhere and the skill of energy conservation are two valuable advantages that make him stand out.

Haaland was signed by Manchester United in August and already has scored 26 goals in his 21 outings. An impressive feat for a player who has been recovering from an injury received during his time with Borussia Dortmund.

A transfer that changed everything

Borussia has been happy with the acquisition of the young talent from Norway. He is certainly the best player ever produced by the Nordic nation. He is towering above his competitors with a 195 cm height and can be very intimidating when dribbling the ball toward opponents.

One of his most impressive skills developed after the injury is the ability to stay under the radar and rarely touch the ball until he is ready to accelerate and score. The same skill that Ibrahimovich, Ronaldo, and many other greats have when they need to conserve energy. It seems that Haaland learned this lesson earlier than others.

Dortmund did not want to easily give up on their most valuable talent but had no other options during the transfer window. Manchester United seized the opportunity and never regretted the decision. Haaland has been instrumental in the club’s last games and achieved a mind-boggling 1.21 GPG (goal per game) number scoring a perfect hat-trick after a “regular” hat trick in two PL games.

The €60 million transfer deal seems to be paying off dearly to Manchester United.

Haaland has a strong presence

After joining the team, Haaland immediately made other people look good. For example, many fans noticed that Gearlish started performing better albeit not as good as expected. In many ways, the acquisition of Haaland was a good move and the player looks unstoppable in his current form. We will see his performance in the nearest future and bet it will one hell of a spectacle!

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